In the last five decades, with the development of science and technology, the industrial sector evolved a lot. It played a very handy role in the development of a growing economy but at the same time, it has not been so much friendly to our own environment. 

The oxygen levels in the sea decreased by 2 percent and it is mostly because of human-related reasons. Recent reports revealed this is due to human wastes. Though the major percentage of sea creature are still on the safe side, there are many marine creatures which are in danger,  according to a report from a German University

 Generally, when it comes to the atmosphere Oxygen are equally distributed in all places but in an ocean, Oxygen is not equally distributed. Therefore, if there is a slight change of oxygen level in the ocean then it can have a huge impact on the marine animals.

 There are many countries across the world who are depended on the seafood. At the same time, exporting seafood plays a major role in their economy. Therefore, from now on it is really important for us not to disturb the environment of the ocean which can have an indirect effect on our life.