In the last four or five decades, the world has evolved a lot around the modern science and technology. The main reason why the modern science and technology has evolved this much is the execution of Moore's law. With this technique, devices are getting two times faster in every two years. At the same time, the capability of those devices is also getting increased.

The Moore law says the number of transistors which can be incorporated in a chip can be doubled in two years. Transistors are generally defined as a small electronic switch which is often counted as the structural unit of any electronic devices. Therefore, if the smaller transistor can be designed then the device will get a lot faster and at the same time, it will consume less power as well.

In recent times, Intel corporation is designing much smaller transistors which are about 14 nanometers wide. These transistors are just 14 times wider than a DNA molecule Recent studies show that if a source of light is put inside a chip then the function of that chip will be 20 times faster than current laptop or computer. With the present technology, it would take 15 years to reach this speed but with the proper execution of photon technology, this speed can be achieved much sooner. Though there is no confirmation news on when these laptops will launch on the market but it is expected that it will launch soon.