Australia is going through a tough phase to save their agreement in resettling refugees in U.S after Trump's deal. The American president took to twitter saying that he will study this dumb deal, he also told the Australia Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in private that this was the worst deal ever.

The deal to save refugees was established during Obama's administration, and Trump had despaired of the deal when talking to Turnbull on Sunday. According to Trump the conversation with the Australian Prime Minister was the worst of his phone calls with world leaders that day, reported the Guardian.

Trump suspended the entry of all refugees for 120 days he also insisted that the deal was bad for the U.S to take 2,000 refugees and one of them was going to be the next Boston Bomber. Turnbull repeatedly told Trump that the agreement was for 1,250 refugees and not 2,000 as per CNN.

Trump's concern was how the agreement will proceed when the order of temporary suspending the U.S refugee was active. It turns out that the phone call between Turnbull and Trump did not go well as the president abruptly ended the call because he was unhappy.

Turnbull in an interview stated that the deal might not be a good enough from the president's point of view, but he and his administration have committed to honor it. He further stated that he will not comment on the conversation they had between them.

Reports have stated that there is a vast majority of people held on Australia's off shore detention islands, all these are believed to be refugees. With Trump's administration there have been several changes as Australia is struggling to save their refugee agreement there is nothing certain for the refugees. On the other hand Trump has also been complaining about Mexico's handling of "Tough Hombres."