Yahoo Finance declared that it made a mistake, it accidently tweeted out a racial epithet when promoting a story. The mistake distorted completely the initial meaning of the headline and gave it a racist slur. But the mistake was corrected later. The tweet belonged to Donald Trump and it was related with the navy, Trump wants to make it bigger.

The tweet was related with the plans of navy expansion. The new President wants to increase the size of the U.S. Navy, thus, it will be more powerful. Donald Trump has many new plans, he has become known for his unique ideas to make America great again.

The headline for the story on Yahoo Finance had to be: "Trump Wants a Much Bigger Navy: Here is How Much It Will Cost."

The word Bigger was replaced by Nigger

But when the article was tweeted Thursday, an accident took place. The word "bigger" had an 'n' as its first letter, thus, the word bigger was replaced by the word nigger. This mistake distorted completely the real meaning of the headline.

The U.S. President want to increase the military capabilities of the country.

The tweet had to be deleted and Yahoo Finance tweeted an apology. Yahoo declared that the mistake was due to a spelling error. 

The spelling error became viral

Yahoo's mistake became a trending topic on Twitter, but it was corrected.

Today, the social networks propagate the information about the nigger navy.

Social networks have had an exponential growth the last years and they are very popular among the population. Yahoo propagated a distorted version of the tweet sent by Donald Trump.

Yahoo didn't immediately answer to a request for more comments on the topic from The Associated Press.