We have lost some of our favorite celebrities this year and the 'Star Wars' cast actress Carrie Fisher is the latest on the list.The actress was expected to feature in some television projects and few films as well. The most important project among them was Star Wars VIII.

Star Wars VIII is the latest episode of the Star Wars franchise. The shooting for the film started back in July and the project is currently in the post-production phase. But the role of Carrie Fisher was already finished and that means the producers of the Star Wars film LucalFilm and Disney don't have to address the death of the actress before Star Wars IX. Fisher was supposed to cover Star Wars IX also.

Apart from "Star Wars", Fisher was extremely talented with her camera work and script writing. Fisher was also featured on a television project called "Catastrophe" where she was featuring the role of the mother of Rob Delaney. The show "Catastrophe" is currently on its third season and it is expected to premiere on the first half of the next year.

Fisher had also completed her work for the "Catastrophe" as well and she will feature in the first six episodes of the TV show. But the producers of this TV series has not announced how they will address the death of the actress in the upcoming season.

Fisher was also supposed to play a role in the movie "Wonderwell". The director of the movie Vlad Marasavin has not responded to the death of the actress yet.

Fisher will be always remembered for her creative roles in different films. The president of the Lucasfilm, Kathleen Kennedy has also paid a tribute the to the actress, among millions of "Star Wars" fans from around the globe.