Advance microdevice (AMD) an American multinational semiconductor company is especially known for best competitor Of Intel in CPU market, as well as one of the best GPU maker now, unveil their next generation CPU architecture named as "ZEN architecture". Based on this architecture AMD's next family of desktop CPUs will officially be dubbed RYZEN, kicking off with Summit Ridge early next year. 

1.  An Overview of AMD RYZEN-

The flagship processor will be an eight-core desktop CPU clocked at 3.4GHz+, running with 16 threads. According to game debate, this new generation of the family of desktop CPU has two different caches, 16MB L3 Cache and 4MB L2 Cache.

2. Special features of AMD RYZEN-

The most interesting thing for AMD RYZEN is it has automatic overclocking features. According to the company, this new feature dubbed as XFR (Extended Frequency Range). Now XFR overclock is based on the how much better cooling solutions and air flow you have for your Zen CPU. If your CPU is running cool it will automatically overclock while keeping it within safe limits.

3.  Description of special features-

According to AMD's claim, their new generation has a smart system which is the first time in all CPU family. This new system utilizes two different features according to system status and situation this two features named as 'Pure Power' and 'Precision Boost'. 

Pure power used to monitors memory and CPU usage, system temperature, CPU core frequency and voltage consumption in order to use the minimum necessary power for any given situation. That means this feature used to run your total system in safe mode for hardware as well as software and always keep your system temp low to avoid any overheating related problems.

Now 'Precision Boost' is totally opposite in nature means it's only used when better performance needed. Especially this AMD's nextGEN family may create a new era for CPU for gaming performance. Especially 'Precision boost' use XFR (Extended Frequency Range) feature which may help to overclock your CPU and obviously this may consume some voltage but better cooling system help you to prevent from overheating.

4. Processor Core architecture of AMD RYZEN-

Now AMD Zen core architecture is always made in such a way to meet their target at 40% higher clock rate than their previous generation. This new core engine tuned for performance combined it with a high-bandwidth, low-latency cache system. According to Mike Clark, the lead architect on the Zen x86 core, "We've thrown SMT on top of it so we can get high throughput when we need to and the used the new 14nm FinFET technology to also get low-power and scale the design across a number of SoCs from client to servers." 

5. Some similarities with Intel- 

One of the main things which have given the core engine its boost is the move towards an SMT-based core, giving it an approach to multi-threading which is much similar to Intel's HyperThreading technology.

6. Power efficiency comparison-

Another major part of the Zen architecture is the CPU power efficiency. The reported TDP for the two engineering samples has been set at 65W for the quad-core chip and 95W for the eight-core. Compare that with the Intel equivalent 91W for the quad-core i7 and 140W for the octa-core version and it looks like AMD solve the energy issue very fair way than Intel. 

7. Clock frequency-

It rumored that to core Summit Ridge AMD Zen CPU comes with a 3.15GHz base clock and an all-core turbo speed of 3.3GHz and a single core maximum turbo of 3.6GHz. This clock speed hike hasn't changed the power envelope and the TDP is still set at 95W. That's the same sort of clock speed levels as Intel's own eight-core processor, the Core i7 6900K, which comes in at 3.2GHz with a max turbo of 3.7GHz. 

8. Overall performance and benchmark-

Though we haven't got any official performance benchmarks yet to share. But a report on WCCFTech has archived images of the test results showing the average CPU frame rate hitting a pretty decent 58fps. That's nearly 40% quicker than an AMD FX 8350 in the same benchmark. Now based on some reports and rumor about the features their new latest family of CPU, AMD always tries proved their innovation in an exciting way.