It is only a matter of fortnight before 2016 ends and the denizens of earth welcome 2017. Every New Year is welcomed on a positive note and going by the upheavals the world witnessed this year, people are eagerly waiting for it to get over so that they may usher in 2017.

However, it might prove to be more disastrous, if one takes the predictions of Nostradamus into account, reports Express. The sixteenth-century French philosopher has made dire forewarnings about 2017 and if one believes them to be true, one should be ready for serious global turmoil. According to his believers, 2017 could see China making bold moves to remove the economic imbalance in the world. Italy might have to face a financial crisis in the wake of rising unemployment and loans.

The banking crisis of the country might also deepen in view of the referendum result and resignation of Matteo Renzi. Superpower USA is also expected to face anarchy as it would become ungovernable and incompetent after Donald Trump takes over the White House. Notably, Nostradamus had also predicted the victory of the notorious Republican.

However, some relief is also in store as Russia and Ukraine would enter into a truce that will be opposed by the US but supported by the EU. Speaking of Russia, it is also predicted that Russian President Vladimir Putin would win over the alien army that would invade the earth after the third world war. Well, aliens have become a hot topic of late and conspiracy theorists keep claiming that they visit Earth and it should not be a surprise if there is an attack on the human civilization.

Coming back to the predictions, Nostradamus also hinted at the apocalypse that might take place as an after effect of global warming. Climate change would cause resources to diminish, leading to the rise of terrorism and biological warfare, ultimately culminating into the third world war. Well, the predictions do sound dire but it remains to be seen how things play out in 2017.