Aliens are back with a bang but this time, they are making all the noise around the moon. A mysterious disc was seen flying past the surface of the moon and it has led to curious queries from alien enthusiasts across the globe.

The said UFO disc was spotted on Dec. 3 when the live stream video of the Miami Observatory captured a mysterious, dark, disc-shaped object moving across the moon, reports Nature World News. Later the video was posted on YouTube under the title "UFO crossing the moon" by a user UFOVNIUFO Sightings. Ever since the video made it to the social site, it went viral with many UFO experts claiming that it was real and not a trick of the eye.

This is because the disc has also appeared in other photos. Veteran UFO hunter Scott C. Waring has corroborated the UFO disc as well saying that it is not a man-made object because there are no solar panel wings on it to gather energy. Waring writes on his website that there are no antennas on it for transmission. Also, the surface is not completely round but has a rough edge to it and it looks like a bio-mechanically grown UFO.

However, there are naysayers too who do not believe the video. A YouTube user fantis07 commented that it looks like a tennis ball thrown before the telescope, reports Daily Mail. Another said that it is just a rock orbiting the moon. While their observations do not seem to hold weight, one cannot ignore what Nigel Watson, author of UFO Investigations Manual, has to say.

According to Watson, the disc-like object looks impressive but there are other explanations too that could account for it. One possibility is that it is a satellite crossing the face of the moon but the high-magnification of the telescope focused on the lunar surface has made the object blurry and lacking in detail. It could be an object in the atmosphere of the earth and in some cases insects and dirt that are close to the astronomical instrument or inside it can cause it.

So, till there is concrete evidence about the same, the lunar UFO should be taken with a pinch of salt.