NASA's attempt to search for alien life could be over already. Even if the American space agency does not agree with it at all, conspiracy theorists believe that the agency knows a lot about alien life already.

According to Science World Report, the conspiracy theorists base their claim on a set of pictures clicked by NASA's Mars Global Surveyor and Mars Odyssey missions. The alien enthusiasts claim to have discovered an evidence of alien civilization on the surface of planet Mars, in one of those photographs clicked during the mission organized by NASA.

Conspiracy theorists claim that the photograph clearly shows three tall structures - about a mile high - on the surface of the red planet. These three structures are equally spaced and are located in the Terra Meridiani region of Mars, according to a YouTube user named Mundodesconocido.

The YouTube user was browsing through NASA's image database when this image was recovered. The user claims that these structures are not rocks that resulted out of some natural phenomenon such as weathering or erosion. Mundodesconocido further claims that these are remnants of an ancient civilization of Mars.

Even popular UFO enthusiast, Scott C Waring of UFO Sightings Daily believes that Mundodesconocido is correct. He believes that what the Spanish alien hunter has figured out is correct and that those spots in the images are nothing but structures formed by an alien civilization on Mars.

Waring further claims that there are several other buildings, structures and artifacts from the alien civilization that can be discovered on the surface of the red planet. The UFO enthusiast, in fact, argues that the three tall buildings could act like a perfect base camp for NASA's Mars exploration team, only if no one lives there already.

The emergence of this photograph has raised several questions among conspiracy theorists. While some believe that alien life used to exist on Mars, other argue that it still exists and that NASA is covering up the evidence.