Aliens, UFOs and extraterrestrial life have been on the radar of conspiracy theorists in the year 2016. Now a new claim by a UFO hunter states that the US Air Force may be testing alien crafts secretly at the air force base.

The Express reports that UFO hunter Steven Barone regularly monitors that activities conducted in and around the Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas. He recently uploaded a footage on YouTube, claiming that the Air Force officers may be testing alien crafts at the base, at a time when no one can actually see what is happening out there.

Barone claims that using his specialist night vision recording equipment, he witnessed UFOs flying over the restricted air base at night. The UFO enthusiast further claims that he shot the video from his backyard in Nevada on Nov. 15, 2016.

The video appears that same as what Barone recorded on his specialist device. No artificial effects have been added to the clip to enhance what was seen.

He further claims that he constantly keeps a track of the UFOs seen in the Las Vegas Valley. The one recently recorded, he believed, came from the test and training range of the air base and a secret US Air Force Area in Nevada.

Meanwhile, Scott C. Waring of the UFO Sightings Daily confirmed that these objects are flying over high-security areas so that no one can enter and investigate. He further speculated that the US Air Force may be testing alien technology and that it could be some sought of alien craft gifted to the Air Force in good faith.

There is a popular conspiracy theory dubbed "Tall Whites," which suggests that there is an alien species that lives inside the US Air Force base in Las Vegas. This species helps the Air Force develop new, advanced technologies and in return, it takes away the mineral resources that it requires on their planet.