Just when we thought that the alien upsurge is entangling South and North America, various incidents have been observed in Japan, which further bolster the alien claims.

The skies of the Japan have been dominated by a perfectly round type of roll cloud. The incident is alarming as a snapper reported the sighting as it resembled Death Star from the fictional movie. The alleged alien sighting was observed at 3pm in Fujisawa, Kanagawa as a spherical cloud was seen skulking around in the air.

According to The Sun, the fluffy ball of cloud was said to have been appeared above a train station in Japan.

A social media user known as Poppy took it to Twitter and posted the bizarre incident in his social media account, reports World Breaking News. The user described the image as a strange cloud spotted at Shonandai station at 3 pm on Sunday. Poppy was stunned and definitely gave chills to the bones as it was one of a kind.

Many witnesses established that initially the cloud was perfectly round, but with time, it started to disintegrate until it was no more a shape. Later on, the cloud was said to have been disappeared.

Many observers remained worried as to whether the phenomenon is not a bad omen.

Others discussed what the cloud looked like, one Facebook fan said that it looked like a "dragon's nest" whilst other associated it to candy floss and sweets.

Pictures of the incident went rife after they were posted on Twitter with 18,000 retweets and 20,000 likes.

Keeping in view the latest findings regarding alien sightings, conspiracy theorists establish that the extra-terrestrial beings are capable of sound intelligence and have thus, the ability to produce clouds around their space rafts to protect themselves.

The techniques is deciphered by the humans as cloud-cloaking. UFO hunters also said that there are two types of UFO. The first one hides in a deep cloud ball and the second category is the one that is able to make their own clouds.

The existence of unidentified objects and alien sightings are still up in the air. However, for the few past months, many incidents have been reported which strengthens the alleged claims, keeping a lot of people on their toes.