Alien and UFO enthusiasts are being persuaded every now and then that alien life exists. And with the super moon event that took place last week, it has led to further evidence that intelligent life, which is beyond our capacity actually has a presence somewhere in our solar system.

Alien researchers have started to believe that extraterrestrial beings are dwelling on the moon, while skeptics argue that it is nothing, but a mere illusion that has been baffling the viewers.

The confusion kicked off when a video was uploaded on YouTube by Geri Vigil, which has been hitting the newest stand under the headline of "Large Group of UFO's Leaving the Moon".

The video shows several shapeless items reaching away from the surface of the moon from the bottom-left area. But the blobs are also accompanied by infinite shimmering happening around the area.

This has led to various claims, especially by those who are often daunted by the existence of aliens. They believe that aliens have geared up for their departure and are probably heading towards the earth.

Former hacker Gary McKinnon, who was into the hacking of NASA computers, its technological insights and the US military was also convinced that it's all a hoax and an optical illusion.

He mentioned He wrote: "There's a lot of footage of objects leaving the moon, as more people get better telescopes it's being observed more often.

Another observer maintained that the aliens wanted to enter the earth in order to establish a New World Order, however, after the 2016 presidential elections and the victory of Donald Trump, they lost hope and went back to their abode.

Another one added "It's some kind of mirage, but definitely not UFOs leaving the moon that's for sure. Amazing video anyway!"

According to UFO Blogger Scott Waring, if observed clearly, one can see the UFO fleet orbiting around the moon. And this is done so in order to protect the moon from the invasion of humanity.

"Many Apollo astronauts have stated that they saw UFOs on and near the moon, so maybe these objects are a form of protection from future Apollo missions landing on the moon.