Tech giant Microsoft is booming with new Surface brands into the tech market. Surface devices are already at peak and are one of the most liked ones in the tech market. Plenty of reports are hitting the internet on the new device from 2017 Microsoft, Surface Phone.

According to Zen Exp, the Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella confirmed that the production of the 2017 Microsoft Surface Phone, along with its partner Pegatron, is already underway. During the interview, Nadella also admitted it was a mistake on the company's part to try and imitate features that other leading phone makers were offering --- rather than coming out with their own unique features.

It is reported that Microsoft made Surface devices are indeed the toughest competitors for the tech giants like the Apple, Samsung, Sony and others.

A leaked patent image on the looks of Surface Phone 2017 showed the location of the headphone-charger port and the Surface Pen in the device. The device is speculated to sport the newest processor from Qualcomm, the Snapdragon 835 and the device is also rumored to run on 64-bit Windows 10 Mobile OS.

The leaked image was found with a circular port speculated to be just the right size for a stylus or Surface Pen. Microsoft has already added Surface Pen to its devices which enhances different functionalities such as it lets users interact with the device in a myriad of way as well as draw and write using the tool.

As per the report, the 2017 Microsoft Surface Phone was earlier reported to feature Intel's i7 chip. But, the rumor was brought down as the Intel chip licensing agreement is not expected to emerge any time before early 2018.

2017 Microsoft Surface Phone launch date is expected to be in mid of 2017, where the software maker will unveil its latest Smartphone in an exclusive launch event. Also, the price is rumored to be somewhere around $699 for the basic model to around $1,100 for the higher end units.

However, Microsoft has not made any official statement on the launch date and price of its new powerful flagship 2017 Microsoft Surface Phone.