Apple recently released the fifth developer update iOS 10.2, which has successfully filled all the cracks. This has challenged the hackers to develop a stronger iOS jailbreak. Will that be possible with Apple frequently updating the operating system?

Apple is planning to release iOS Beta 7, soon according to a report by 9 to 5 Mac. If the new update rolls out, then it will surely dare hackers like Pangu to burn out to create a Jailbreak for iOS 10.

It was alleged that Pangu will be releasing iOS 10 jailbreak after iOS 10.2 updates are done but there is no news on it yet. Pangu might be targeting iOS 10 users who haven't got the update yet. The iOS 10 seems to have many bugs so it will probably give the hackers to explore.

Apple stated that the iOS updates will not allow jailbreaking after Luca Todesco warning people not to install iOS 10.2 to jailbreak iOS 10 easily. Some jailbreakers might stick to iOS 10.1.1 if they plan to jailbreak their device.

Although, Chinese hackers Pangu group claimed iOS 10 jailbreaks there is no sign of it yet. While Apple is strengthening iOS 10 with frequent updates it is defeating hackers consequently. If the iOS 10 jailbreak doesn't release soon, it's pretty sure that the hackers have stepped back.

Per International Business Times,  Apple deals with bugs in a different style - more strategic and methodical. Based on the risk of the level of the bug, Apple's bug bounty program offers up to US$100,000 (AU$134,000) to a bounty hunter who can uncover a bug.

 Apple users are advised to use updated version of iOS 10 for all devices for security reasons. While those who are anticipating iOS 10 jailbreak from Pangu have to wait for more. Stay tuned for more news on games and gadgets.