After becoming the second man to walk on the moon, retired astronaut Buzz Aldrin has added another milestone to his already legendary career. Setting a record, however, has landed him in a hospital.

The 86-year old iconic figure is now the oldest man to make his way to the South Pole as declared by the National Science Foundation. He has been informed about the achievement while recovering at a New Zealand infirmary.

Aldrin is known for his exploits with the fabulous Apollo 11 mission that made the first manned lunar landing in 1969. Members of that crew include Neil Armstrong and Michael Collins.

The former NASA pilot has joined a White Desert tourist expedition that was exploring the South Pole. At some point during the trip, Buzz Aldrin has been sick and his health soon faltered.

Doctors have suggested that it will be best for the octogenarian to be evacuated. The former astronaut has been airlifted out of the South Pole to a US research center in McMurdo and later on to Christchurch under the care of a US Antarctic Program (USAP) physician.

After being turned over by the medical personnel of White Desert, America's Antarctic medical team has stated that Aldrin's condition is stable. The tour company has announced that his lungs had fluids.

According to his manager Christina Korp, his client is doing fine. Aldrin is said to be responding fittingly to antibiotics.

Prior to the trip, Aldrin's fascination for adventure has never waned as indicated by his earlier tweets which declared his readiness to conquer Antarctica.

Three weeks ago, the legendary figure has attended an exhibit at NASA's Kennedy Space Center.

In addition to promoting Mars exploration, Aldrin has also campaigned for scientific education and space awareness. Part of his achievements is publishing his recent book entitled, 'No Dream is Too High: High Lessons from a Man who Walked on the Moon.'

Aldrin, who now resides at Satellite Beach, has a joint venture with the Florida Institute of Technology where the Buzz Aldrin Space Institute is situated.