Apple iMac enthusiasts are indeed waiting for the new update over its previous model. Earlier rumored to be iMac 2016 is now speculated to be the iMac 2017. Many reports hitting the internet, indicates that the new iMac likely to be launched in the next Apple event of 2017.

Earlier, it was speculated that the Apple will launch its iMac 2016 in any of the three events held in this year. However, no single word was mentioned about the iMac 2016. Some rumors suggested that Apple knowingly delayed the iMac computers as a result of delay in the Intel's new chipset Kaby Lake processor.

According to Christian Times, it is reported that Apple new iMac computer is rumored to feature Intel Xeon processor instead of Kaby Lake processor. It is reported that the Intel's Xeon processors have been widely used as a common processing chip for high-end workstations and servers.

The ability of the Intel Xeon processor is reportedly the best one which supports error-correcting code memory. This feature paves way for an extremely enhanced computing performance.

Other report indicates that the iMac 2017 will feature the Intel Core i7 Kaby Lake 7700 processor and the leaked benchmark tests shows the results are exciting. So, the enthusiasts need to wait until Apple makes an official statement on which processor likely to fit-in the new iMac 2017.

Another major challenge to Apple Inc. is the Microsoft Surface Studio with the 28-inch screen having fold down ability in-order to make it easier for artists to draw on it. Plus, the Surface makes use of touch input, a stylus and the Dial. Surface Studio is the attraction in the current tech market with respect to the segment of desktop computers.

According to The BitBag, It is reported that the new iMac 2017 will have a high-end 27-inch variant featuring a 5K display with virtual reality (VR) support, a newly introduced organic light-emitting diode (OLED) Touch Bar as seen in the MacBook Pro 2016. Thus, a final statement from Apple Inc. is indeed important for the rumors to become a reality.