Samsung was radically pulled down in the tech market with the falling sales of Galaxy Note 7. The company is trying hard to secure its position back by introducing amazing flagships next year. One amongst them is Samsung Galaxy S8, which will unbox with amazing features like never before.

Interestingly the Galaxy S8 is expected to launch with advanced front facing camera. Samsung is planning to incorporate automatic focus (AF) function in its upcoming flagship - Galaxy S8, a South Korean publication ET News reported.

Samsung is trying to bring innovation in cameras of smartphones by instilling this new function, which can ensure quality photographs. Samsung is said to add an encoder-type AP actuator on the front snapper's module, which will control the location of lenses and adjusting the focus of lenses when the front-facing shooter is used. AF actuators locate subjects for good selfie photos.

"People are starting to take more selfies and number of demands for cameras that take selfies with higher qualities is increasing," an industry representative was quoted as saying. "It is heard that Samsung Electronics has decided to install front actuators for Galaxy S8 in order to differentiate its flagship Smartphone."

According to Express UK, Samsung Galaxy S8 is expected to arrive in two models; one with a 5.1-inch dual-curved display, the other with 5.5 inches - the same screen sizes as the Galaxy S7s.

It is reported that the display of the new expected flagship will be included with a pressure sensitive feature with 3D touch functionality. This 3D functionality was first seen in the ruling tech giant's smartphone iPhone 6, in which the device will be able to sense varying levels of pressure applied on the screen. The other feature with the 3D touch includes quick previews in a number of apps and number of hidden functions.

Samsung is reported to have hired a team of developers who created the Apple's iconic digital assistant Siri. Vivi Labs, a start-up company created by developers of Siri are likely to bring the new voice assistant from Samsung called as Vivi. The new development is expected to be a feature in Samsung Galaxy S8.