The CW's vampire drama series, The Vampire Diaries, more popularly known as TVD, is about to air on televisions after its holiday break, and loyal fans of the series just couldn't keep their excitement.

It can be recalled that on the previous episode, Damon, portrayed by Ian Somerhalder, was still under the control of Sybil (Nathalie Kelley). Even though Damon asked for her to set him free, the evil monster denied him of this and even got upset that he was not fully committed to her.

At the last part of the episode, it was found out that Seline (Kristen Gutoskie) was the siren and rushing to their home, Alaric (Matt Davis) and Caroline (Candice King) found out that their twins were gone, together with Seline.

In the upcoming episode of the series, which is the sixth of the season, it hinted on Alaric and Caroline's twins to be taken by Damon and Sybil. The kids seem to be at ease of their time with Damon and their parents struggle to take them back. Caroline tries to protect the twins because Damon, who is under Sybil's control, may kill not only one but probably all of his loved ones.

Carter Matt reported that Damon's brother, Stefan (Paul Wesley), will do everything he can to save the kids while the kids' parents ran out of options to protect their lives and their children's. While Enzo (Michael Malarkey), is struggling to destroy Sybil's evil plan, Stefan dives himself into subconscious and sets off a chain of events that will lead him to do a life-changing decision.

It was also revealed that Damon will set a trap for his brother and fans of the series cannot wait to find out if he is really going to kill everyone he loves or if he finds a way to fight off the antagonist Sybil's plan. All of these are to be revealed in the next episodes of Season 8.

The Vampire Diaries Season 8 episode 6titled "Detoured On Some Random Backwoods Path to Hell" is scheduled to air on December 2, 2016 on The CW.