CBS action police procedural television series "NCIS" had recently aired Episode 8 for Season 14 and the following episode is to be aired on the first week of December.

Following this, several speculations and reports surfaced online for the next episode.

In the previous episode, NCIS has solved a murder case, which involved a car accident. Nut the team discovered that the person involved, who was a Navy chaplain, was already dead before the crash happened. 

It was later revealed that the people from the victim's religious group has been stealing charity money. Because the victim discovered it, they decided to murder him and used the accident as cover up.

As per Ecumenical news, this was not the only revelation that the previous episode had shown. Viewers had finally seen Emily Wickersham's character, Eleanor Bishop's boyfriend, whom they have met while her siblings surprised him for the Thanksgiving holiday.

It was quite a long time since she's dated a guy. It can be recalled that Emily and her former husband separated because he was cheating on her.

According to a report on CarterMatt, the next episode synopsis suggested that the NCIS will be providing heightened security measures for Jenna Flemming, portrayed by Mary Masterson, as she has been receiving death threats

The team ought to find out who's the perpetrator behind this or who want her dead.

Meanwhile, multiple reports claimed that one of the series' main casts, Mark Harmon, who portrays Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs, will possibly exit the series because of his health condition.

The 65-year-old actor's sickness was reported to be noticed by the crew and the actor was apparently advised to take a break from acting.

However, the studio and the actor have not yet released an official statement about this. On another note, fans would be dismayed if one of the characters from the show would be written off.

NCIS Season 14 episode 9 which is entitled Pay to Play, will air on Dec. 6, 2016 on CBS.