Aliens and UFOs have been a huge matter of discussion in this year. While there were an immense number of UFO sightings in 2016, a Chinese official now claims that some of them could actually be real.

An ex-government diplomat in China has generated a wave of excitement among UFO enthusiasts and alien hunters. According to The Inquisitr, the official confirmed during a disclosure hearing that some bit of information that people have heard about extraterrestrial life and intelligence is actually true.

The Chinese official further went on to say that the government has concrete evidence and proof that UFOs and aliens have been arriving on Earth since many years. This discussion took place at a recent UFO disclosure summit organized by Stephen Bassett's Paradigm Research Group (PRG), where Shi-Li Sun was bombarded with questions about alien life and extraterrestrial intelligence.

Shi-Li Sun is currently the President of the World Chinese UFO Federation. The ex-official claimed that he himself, along with Chinese researchers and UFO scholars have been studying all evidences thoroughly and years of research show that UFOs and aliens are all authentic.

According to The Express, Shi-Li Sun further said that he has written several articles on the same subject. These articles have appeared in China's encyclopaedia, which is edited by a prestigious Chinese scientist named Shen Shituan.

Shituan once headed Beijing Aerospace University, an institution that has long argues that UFO sightings and clues about alien life should be taken more seriously. He has been one of the top rocket scientist in the country, who believe that a part of UFO sightings on Earth are real, while the remaining ones are either fake or unclear.

Meanwhile, Shi-Li Sun once claimed that aliens have been visiting Earth since many years and in fact, they are already living among humans on Earth. They do not get recognized because they have disguised themselves as humans.