Just recently, the Rondon YouTube channel uploaded a footage of two objects passing the supermoon within a short period on Nov. 12.

Referring to the video, the cameraman said: "After zooming in on the supermoon, I walk away and pretty sure enough UFOs started flying by."

Two dark circular objects were seen passing one by one. The channel also added: "The UFOs appear to have distortion effects surrounding them, we think that it's some sort of blending light."

Scott Waring believes it to be aliens

Known UFO blogger Scott C Waring watched the footage and was convinced that it was indeed an alien technology. He wrote: "This is strange. A UFO in orbit that possesses a haze mist around it. The object is solid, because if it was translucent, we would be able to see the light of the moon through it. I strongly believe that the area around it is due to the alien propulsion because the haze has been seen in thousands of UFO photos before."

Not all were convinced

But not all viewers were as convinced, though. Victor Engel believed them to be Helium balloons. Another YouTube user called Jugganaut7 thinks that they were just out-of-focus leaves that are much closer to Earth.

He posted: "You must've caught something close passing by. Looks more like a leaf. Before uploading these UFO recordings, you should make sure the blur of the object in question closer also matches the blur of the moon. You can clearly tell what you caught on film was way too close to be in space because the focus was way off. So, by all means, it might be the presence of a UFO, but it really just looks like a leaf blowing in the wind to me."

Many believe that it was aliens

An anonymous poster of ufosightingsdaily.com also claimed to have also seen a UFO pass the moon just before midnight on Nov. 13, all the way from Phoenix, Arizona.

One wrote: "While I was outside about to take a look at the Supermoon, I also saw a UFO in orbit around the bottom left of the moon."

Speculations and predictions have been made, but a lot of people strongly believed that what was caught on film were indeed aliens.