Three new characters will be making an appearance during the second half of "The Walking Dead." According to International Business Times, Dr. Eugene Porter, Sgt. Abraham Ford and Rosita Espinosa will appear in the episode 10.

All three characters are from the comic book series by Robert Kirkman.

"I think the main thing to look at is that these are some very interesting and dynamic and explosive characters that will be breathing some new life into the show, which is something that all of our new characters do," Kirkman told Entertainment Weekly. "They're going to be pushing things in new directions. So they will definitely be an x factor that changes the dynamic of the show quite a bit. There's cool things ahead of them."

It has also been revealed that Morgan, Rick Grimes' friend from season 1, will also resurface. The last time Rick ran into Morgan fans learned that his son had been bitten and Morgan tried to hurt Rick when he didn't realize who he was.

How and what happens when he returns has not been revealed but in the comics Rick, Carl and Abraham (the new character) run into Morgan when they return to Rick's hometown looking for weapons. Among the other rumors floating around about the second part of Season 4: Rick's group might have another serious problem on their hands.

According to IBT, it's been speculated that The Hunters might be appearing soon. For those unfamiliar, the hunters are a group of survivors who hunt other people aka cannibals. It's been said that Rick's group will meet up with the vicious group.

One more character will be added to this season but specific details about the character's role have not been revealed. Sources told The Hollywood Reporter that actor Andrew J. West will play Gareth, the newbie.

"Gareth will have what sources say is a big presence and play and important character on the drama," THR writes.

"The Walking Dead" returns Feb. 9, 2014.