There was a lot going on in the mid-season finale of "The Walking Dead" on Sunday, Dec. 1. Two main characters died - Hershel and the Governor, the group at the prison was split up and baby Judith is missing and presumed to be dead.

The episode left fans with thousands of questions about what will happen once the show returns in February. TV Guide was able to get some major scoops from show creator Robert Kirkman about what fans can expect.

"I pumped Robert Kirkman for some scoop on the second half of the season and he offered up three interesting tidbits," the website writes.

The first tidbit: Carol will definitely make an appearance before the season is over. Ever since Rick exiled Carol from the group, fans have been wondering when she will show up. Kirkman didn't reveal when fans will be reunited with Carol but it's good to know that she will definitely be back.

There has been some speculation about how Carol will re-enter the show. Will she meet up with the group and provide them with a safe place to stay now that the prison is overrun by zombies? Did she link up with another group? Or will she show up as a zombie?

In the comics, there is a character named Carol but the TV version and comic version are very different from each other. It seems like show hasn't kept to the comic storyline when it comes to the character but the comic-Carol does become a zombie and it would make for an interesting plot twist in the TV series.

Kirkman also revealed that The Sanctuary, first mentioned in a radio message, "will come into play" and fans will get a glimpse into Michonne's life prior to the outbreak.

"Via flashbacks, there will be glimpses into the lives of our favorite characters, likely including Michonne to get an answer about this," TV Line reports.

 "This" refers to the possibility that Michonne had a baby (or babies) prior to the zombie outbreak. In the comic her character is a divorced mother who loses both her daughters in the apocalypse. Before the outbreak, she was dating a man named Mike who later on became one of the armless, jawless zombies she kept while traveling with Andrea.    

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"The Walking Dead" returns on Feb. 9.