Justin Bieber has been desperate to have Selena Gomez back in his life. But he is not the only person who cares for Selena now because Ed Sheeran is also reportedly wooing the pop icon because of Taylor Swift.

Reports are escalating that Justin Bieber wanted to have Selena Gomez in his life and that he never forgets his ex. Bieber has been reported to have visited Selena while undergoing treatment in the rehab facility. Moreover, as per Inquisitr, Justin is the one paying for her rehab treatment.

The report further shed light on the rumor that Bieber has been spending thousands of dollars of private jets expenses for Selena Gomez's treatment in the rehab. The reason, according to the report is that Bieber wants to make himself feels less guilty for screwing over Gomez.

But Selena's family is blaming Bieber for what happened to the pop princess and that they wanted that Justin must stay away from her in as much as possible.

However, neither Bieber nor Selena confirmed this speculation. But another rumor has escalated and that Ed Sheeran is also wooing Selena Gomez and this is because of Selena's friend, Taylor Swift.

It was Taylor Swift who arranged the hookup between Selena Gomez and Ed Sheeran. She even suggested for Selena and Ed collaboration and feels that he is the perfect songwriter partner for Selena.

Rumor has it that Ed also visited Selena in the rehab and that he also cares for the actress and feels sorry for her struggles these days.

One report even claimed that before she entered the rehab, Selena was seen getting cozy with Ed Sheeran during one concerts of Taylor Swift.