According to USA Today, Justin Bieber's performance at Birmingham, England, for his Purpose World Tour, met a minor bump when the pop icon stopped and asked his fans for a very strange favor.

The singer asked the crowd if they can just relax for a few seconds. Bieber added that while he loved his fans and their show of appreciation, he is standing only two feet away and want them to stop screaming. His comment, "Screaming is just so obnoxious" was considered by many fans as rude and unforthcoming.

As the audience continued cheering, there was also sound of mixed "boos" in the crowd. Bieber was visibly irritated by the fans' frantic conduct and asked them to cheer after he was done with the songs. He blamed his fans for not allowing him to speak with all their screaming and admits to being frustrated for not being heard sometimes. He said to his jeering fans, "When I'm speaking, can you guys not scream at the top of your lungs?"

Many fans were upset with the singer's lashing out and labeled his reaction as "rude."

A user wrote "Actually unsure about @justinbieber tonight now after how rude he's been to his fans." Another one said, "Paid £70 to see Justin Bieber to come out, mime and be rude to everyone for screaming."

Some fans were even cool with his remarks and said that he was not rude at all. In fact, he asked from his fans quite nicely if they can just let him speak and hold off their screaming till the end of the song or until after he is done talking.

Meanwhile, the Beliebers are reportedly taking a jibe at the singer because they are upset since he made shocking announcement earlier this year that he will no longer pose with fans for photographs and will not have any meet and greets.