Benedict Cumberbatch stint as Doctor Strange is not yet finished.

While "Doctor Strange 2" is sure to happen in a distant future, Marvel fans may not have to wait that long to see the famous psychic-sorcerer-doctor again.  

Aside from the Stan Lee cameos, Marvel superhero movies are famous for end-credits scenes. If Marvel fans are getting lucky, there are also mid-credits scenes sometimes. And the very successful "Doctor Strange" movie is not an exemption.

There were two spoilers that hinted Doctor Strange 2 at the mid- and end-credits scenes, respectively.

Chris Hemsworth a.k.a. Thor is seen being interviewed by Doctor Strange in the mid-credits scene. Of course, as deliberately said by Benedict Cumberbatch, he will indeed help Thor find and fight Loki. This will be exciting since Tom Hiddleston a.k.a. Loki is also somewhat a sorcerer in his own right.

This means that fans will see Benedict Cumberbatch again sooner rather than later. "Thor: Ragnarok" will already be shown next year. Aside from "Doctor Strange", Mark Ruffalo a.k.a. The Hulk and Lady Justice will also be making an appearance in "Thor: Ragnarok."

Now, the end-credits scene gives major "Doctor Strange 2" plot spoilers. The scene where Mordo finally turned to the dark side actually gives tribute to the roots of the new sorcerer superhero. In the Marvel comic books, the known enemy of Doctor Strange and prominent ally of Dormammu is Mordo.

This means that the movie is not only an introduction for the doctor played by Benedict Cumberbatch but also with his history with his soon-to-be number one enemy. Chiwetel Ejiofor a.k.a. Mordo will definitely be back in "Doctor Strange 2."

The previous good follower of The Ancient One is expected to kill sorcerers one-by-one and somehow, bring back Dormammu.

As confirmed by Benedict Cumberbatch, "Doctor Strange" will also be part of "Avenger's Infinity Wars in 2018." Doctor Strange 2 will happen sometime after that.