The New York Jets is in a slump this season. It continues to struggle and right now, holding a 2-5 record. It ranks second to the last place in the American Football Conference (AFC) division. They haven't got into the playoffs since 2010 and could miss again this season.

With QB Ryan Fitzpatrick not registering impressive numbers and backup QB Geno Smith will be out for the rest of the season due to a torn ACL, the Jets is looking on the trade market for possible replacement and they have two names in mind.

According to Sportsrageous, Colin Kaepernick and Johnny Manziel are two possible pick-ups for the Jets to help them in QB spot. Kaepernick is not making wonders in the San Francisco 49ers and would likely be released by the team through a trade.

As for Manziel, he was released by the Cleveland Browns last March 2016. However, he was suspended by the NFL after breaking league's policy on substance abuse. But now, he was reinstated by the league this October and can easily pick-up by other teams who wish to acquire his services.

Both Kaepernick and Manziel are a good deal for the Jets. But the team hasn't spoken to both players as of this time. Though Fitzpatrick leads the Jets to a 24-16 win over the Baltimore Ravens last Sunday after taking over the QB position, the team isn't sure if he will be consistent in their next games.

In a separate report by iSportsTimes, it is more likely the Jets could sign Johnny Manziel after the Brown waived him last March. There's no need for trade asset to work on and easily grab Manziel as a free agent.

Though Manziel got issues outside the playing field, Jets coach Todd Bowles could take a risk on getting Manziel and hopefully, it could work. But for now, it seems they have to stick to Fitzpatrick as of the moment to run the play and hopefully could figure out to make a deal for both players.

Who will be the perfect fit for the New York Jets? Is it Colin Kaepernick or Johnny Manziel or maybe both?