According to a recent leak from an unknown source, the Clinton supporters are planning to launch a fake UFO invasion.

Why? They are aiming at distracting voters from voting against Hillary Clinton. In the meantime, conspiracy theorists are trying to configure whether this can be legitimately true or not. Are Aliens truly coming to us, and is Hillary Clinton and her allies in partnership with them?

 Hillary Clinton will use the aid of Aliens to help her win the election

The latest update of the issue explains that US Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will be using the aid of aliens to distract the American people during Election Day. Since most conspiracy theorists are against Clinton, she believes that by launching an alien attack,

It will ultimately keep people away from the voting booths. Although some people think this is all a huge joke, there's also a handful of people who actually thinks that she isn't lying at all.

Donald Trump will be our savior against Hillary Clinton and her Aliens

It's kind of scary, and crazy, to think about, but US Presidential Candidate Donald Trump could potentially be asavior. If one thinks about it, he's the one and only man who is truly not afraid to speak his mind. And he is always very confident about everything that comes out of his mouth. He is the one and the only person who is capable of taking down this rumored UFO invasion.

Here's a guy who won't even hesitate to use nuclear bombs against invaders. He is the perfect hero in this circumstance. If Trump gets called for the service, what most people believe is that he will be building a giant space wall.

This space wall will prevent the aliens from even coming in. People all know this sounds completely insane. But crazy situations like this call for an even crazier leader, and Donald Trump is definitely that guy.