In another alien and UFO related activity, a mysterious footage has come up on YouTube that shows a supposed fleet of flying saucers over Santiago's sky in Chile, South America.

Ever since the footage surfaced, people have begun to talk about the extraterrestrial activity as a fair number of viewers think that the sighting was nothing but UFOs.

The video which has been snapped over Santiago's sky appears to show four flying saucers, reports Daily Express. At first, the glowing lights seem to be floating in the distance, making a strange formation and then they spread out only to disappear completely in seconds. The pictures were taken on Thursday at 6 p.m. local time.

Later, they were sent by the photographer to the Mutual UFO Network aka MUFON- the biggest organization in the world dedicated to UFO research and study. According to the said photographer, he did not take the pictures with the intention of capturing UFOs and they were detected later after a review of the snapshots.

On the other hand, MUFON has said that it gets so many reports on a daily basis that it is unable to investigate every case. Nevertheless, it would not take much time for the body to figure out if they are UFOs or something else. As of now, some, including one forensic investigator of UFO pictures, said that they might also be reflections of light inside the building from where the photos were taken.

Meanwhile, the social media is divided in opinion about the video of the flying saucers, reports The Daily Mail. One viewer says that he initially thought that the flying objects were Chinese lanterns tied together but they were moving at a great speed. Another said that they seemed very real. Some said that the UFO claims were false as the lights were nothing but drones flying over the city.

It may be mentioned here that Chile has witnessed many UFO sightings and one of its cities, Andean town of San Clemente has become the hub of such activities and it is known as the country's capital for flying objects.