In a unique sighting, a massive fleet of alien spaceships has been spotted in the earth's solar system.  An image taken by NASA's Solar and Heliospheric Observatory has revealed an armada of UFO space crafts.

The image taken on Sept. 17 has become a subject of intense discussion among space enthusiasts, reports UFO Sightings Daily. Alien hunters are of the opinion that the armada of spaceships is a merchant fleet passing through the solar system to reach some near star system.

Seasoned UFO hunter Streetcap 1, who uploaded the video on YouTube, has said that the image is quite a complicated looking piece showing two or more items meeting in space.

The image shows a circle formation of UFOs around the main craft, which is in the center. It has a main mothership, three medium size ships and ten tiny crafts. The report suggests that when the image was captured by the cameras of the observatory, two individual parties were meeting near the Sun and conducting salutations, before venturing out on a joint expedition.

Streetcap 1 brings attention to the circle formation and says that it is a greeting technique used by some alien fleets. It is also suggested that it is very likely a fleet formed of merchant vessels rather than a military fleet. Also, it was carrying cargo on a busy trade route that happens to move through earth's solar system.

In the meantime, it came to light that a similar sight was also reported this year in February when a huge extraterrestrial structure entered the solar system, claims Inquisitr. It was thought to be a fleet on an exploration drive, sent to the Miky Way galaxy by a technologically advanced alien race, curious to know about its nearby planets and races. What is more, UFO hunters claim that the recently sighted spaceship was also seen in 2011, 2012 and 2015.

Well, one does not exactly know what the spacecraft was up to but space enthusiasts and alien aficionados are extremely excited about this sighting. They have also started debating the prospects of a space war going on in a neighboring star system.