The Denver Broncos are the defending NFL Super Bowl champion. Holding a 4-2 record on the current season, they are still deemed to make to the playoffs once again. But can they defend the title?

After two consecutive setbacks, latest reports emerge that the Broncos are looking to strike a deal with the Dallas Cowboys to acquire the services of 13-year QB veteran Tony Romo. Many believe that Broncos' starting QB Trevor Siemian cannot bring the team to Super Bowl as shown on their losses and they badly need Romo's experience to retain the crown.

But now, recent news are saying that the Cowboys will release Romo to the Broncos if they will get a player in return. And according to The Denver Post, the Broncos might give in to the Cowboys request and gave away Siemian to them in exchange for Romo.

But the Broncos and the Cowboys must decide before the NFL trade deadline which is on November 01 as per stated in the report. Though the Broncos have rookie Paxton Lynch as backup QB, he still learning his way to coach Gary Kubiak's system and might need few more years to adapt.

But without a decision yet, the Broncos meanwhile must stick with Siemian, get back on the winning track and hope to get more wins before they decide for their future. And with the NFL season nearing its midway point, there's enough time for the Broncos to get their act together and finish strong.

On the separate report by The Inquisitr, aside from the Broncos, the New York Jets and the Chicago Bears showed interest to Romo also. The Jets badly needs help in QB position as starting QB Ryan Fitzpatrick stumbles for the first six weeks of play. After having a 10-6 record last season, the Jets falter to 1-5 record this season and in danger of not making the playoffs.

A direct swap between Romo and Fitzpatrick is a good deal for both teams as per stated in the report. The Jets got a chance to turn things around with Romo in tow while the Cowboys got a solid backup to now starting QB Dak Prescott having Fitzpatrick in the lineup.

Will the Denver Broncos lure the Dallas Cowboys to release Tony Romo to them in exchange for Trevor Siemian? Or will the New York Jets convince the Cowboys to swap Romo and Fitzpatrick?