With Android Nougat on the way, smartphone owners and tech analysts alike are anticipating just what this firmware upgrade is all about. It adds multiple features and improves some of the applications and, of course, the Android operating system itself.

Google has already rolled out the upgrade on some Nexus phones back in August, but for all the other Android users who are still using Android Marshmallow and waiting for Android Nougat, here are four new features that you can expect once you update: 


One of the most interesting new features of Android Nougat is the split screen or multi-window mode which allows users to multitask effortlessly and efficiently. You just simply hold the task-switching button and your screen will split in two, allowing multiple applications to run side by side, simultaneously. What's better is that you can even resize each screen to whatever size you're comfortable. 

Revamped notification system 

Notifications are an integral part of your phone. They alert, remind, and alarm you, whether it be a scheduled event or a message from your friend. According to Forbes, the look, feel, and use of notifications in Nougat are entirely different.

They are wider now, filling the entire screen and lessening the space vertically between each notification. You can even tap to directly reply to a message rather than opening the app, depending on the application in use. Moreover, Messenger and Hangouts are equipped with the new quick-reply option. 

Better data control 

Gotta Be Mobile found that Android Nougat has a new setting called Data Saver. Phone users know that apps that run in the background can crunch data and burn through your data plan, essentially, it limits background data usage on cellular networks.  

Improved battery life 

Majority of phone owners' complaints are about their phone's battery life. It's rare to find a phone where the battery can last you through the whole day, even with the data or the WiFi turned on.

According to Nashville Chatter, Android Nougat introduces Doze mode to save your phone battery's life. As long as your screen is off and your phone is unattended to, Doze mode will cap your battery usage to the lowest point possible. It will also still continue to work even when you're using your phone. 

With all of these new features from Android Nougat, Android Marshmallow users will sure enjoy this new upgrade from Google. You can expect the update roll out in early 2017.