"Longmire" has been touted as one of the best shows Netflix has to offer. With loyal followers and favorable reviews, it has made a name for itself as one the popular American crime drama TV series as of today. However, the show's fate is still unknown as Netflix hasn't renewed the series for a sixth season yet.

According to The Christian Times, there is a possibility for a renewal for "Longmire". Fans have also started an online movement called "Stampede" wherein everyone can participate in, in order to push the next season of the series. Fans are optimistic that the next season will get a greenlight eventually despite Netflix keeping mum about updates for "Longmire."

Those who have watched the show knows the fifth season ended in a cliffhanger involving Henry Standing Bear (Lou Diamond Phillips). And the plot direction it has established would go to waste if Netflix chooses to discontinue the series, reports Christian Today.

Rumor has it that season 6 might include a time jump. Time jumps are usually effective narrative strategies for several reasons and with "Longmire" in particular, Cater Matt has given a rundown of reasons why a time jump could happen in the next season.

First, to get Walt's lawsuit out of the way, to tackle Vic's pregnancy and to show Henry's fate after nearly getting killed by Malachi.

It is also expected that season 6 will show Vic (Katee Sackhoff) and Walt (Robert Taylor) becoming a couple. However, the road to that might not be as smooth as Vic's pregnancy might be a potential hurdle in their romance.

"Longmire" Season 5 has just ended last month and it took Netflix two months to confirm a fifth season after the release of Season 4. Fans are urged to wait until next month for Netflix's announcement concerning "Longmire" Season 6.