The popular TV series might have ended its five-season run last June 2016. But loyal fans have been clamoring for the return of "Person of Interest" Season 6. This after being unconvinced that the finale was not the most befitting conclusion for the show.

According to GameNGuide, "Person of Interest", Season 6 has been the object of rumors as of late. Because of that, fans across the globe has started a petition on, with more than 50,000 signatories to support the movement.

Fans have expressed that "Person of Interest" Season 5 ended on a cliffhanger with a potential for one more season to tighten loose ends.

The finale episode ended with Reese (Jim Caviezel) taking down the Machine. However, during the final moments of the show, the Machine comes back to life and kills Sameen Shaw (Sarah Shahi).

TV Insider reports that Sarah Shahi has expressed interest in doing a spin-off. She also pointed out the show's hints of a spin-off during their season finale.

Shahi stated, "They needed, somehow, to leave a sliver of the door kind of open, in case there was a pickup. CBS decided to not renew the show. However, if a revival should happen, Shaw is reported to imagine a bionic arm, including a shaved head. I would want to take Shaw to much deeper, darker places."

A new season might be far-fetched, though, seeing that the cast and crew have moved on to different projects, according to Cinema Blend.

"Person of Interest" showrunners Greg Plageman and Jonah Nolan did say they were planning for a spin-off, however, they believed that an ideal time to do that was three seasons ago. As of this moment, CBS thinks that a sixth season for "Person of Interest" is highly unlikely.

"Person of Interest" is an American science fiction crime drama television series created by Jonathan Nolan.