A NASA video filmed in Mars showed an invertebrate-like creature preying to a smaller one. This video has been made by the channel Mars Alive, a Youtube channel that seeks evidence of life in the Red Planet.

The video has become very popular. It's titled, "NASA What Has Curiosity Rover Detected Here? Explain!!"

One UFO chaser said: "Here you see the Curiosity Rover drilling into the dirt on Mars and as it is, a small critter is seen walking away from the drill area."

The chaser of UFOs also said that a crab-like creature camouflaged as a sharp triangle rock.

"Do you remember about six years back, a rock labeled 'the Mars Donut', was seen to have moved, even though it was big," he added.

Viewers of the video expressed different reactions. Some of them said it could be an insect, a spider or another type of creature.

But some people believed that these theories aren't valid, they just believe this is a myth.

But it should be noted that certain number of people earlier believed that the images from a NASA rover on the Red Planet showed inhabitants of a certain type of alien civilisation that existed on it.

It said that long time ago an ancient civilisation existed on the Red Planet and there are some signs and traces that showed their existence. It seems that nature has been molded by the hands of people, as one person declares: "Not many natural rocks have hair, eyes, a defined nose and lips."

This image has become very popular and it has been published on a big number of websites related with aliens and extraterrestrial life. Even more, there are rocks that resembles the Queen Victoria and an Egyptian god.

Has Mars begun to reveal its secrets?