Tim Peake recently spoke to a room full of primary and secondary level students, inspiring them to get into science, at W5 scientific interaction center in Titanic Quarter of Belfast. A European Space Agency astronaut, Peake, just recently returned from outer space, after spending six long months at the International Space Station in zero gravity.

He was asked about a lot of things and one of them was obviously the question about aliens' existence in the universe. To which Peake emphatically replied "Absolutely yes," according to recent reports.

He explained to Luke McKay, who asked about the presence of extra-terrestrial beings, that "building blocks of life" such as water and organic compounds are hovering around the solar system. This makes the possibility of life anywhere in the universe exceptionally high.

Meanwhile, he also believed that it is only a matter of time when men will eventually land on the red planet. He also added that it would most likely be someone from the generation of younger people than his own peers. Peake also shared that for men to reach Mars, it will take a concerted effort between NASA, European Space Agency and other international players.

The students at the event were obviously curious about his life in micro-gravity, versus life on earth in regular gravity. Peake shared that the feeling of being weightless was fun and it was wonderful to just float around all day. However, the students had more burning questions about how he went to toilet on space. To which he responded, "yesterday's pee is this morning's coffee basically," reported BBC.

The astronaut answered flurry of excited questions and was especially intrigued by the students' interest in prospect of how far will humans explore the universe and its indefinite vastness. Peake enlightened the students that in today's time, it is not only possible to build a moon base that can last for over three decades, but there is also a possibility of one being developed, alongside mission to Mars, that can be permanently manned by someone.