Two astronomers, Professor Ermanno Borra from Quebec's Laval University and his graduate student Eric Trottier, claimed that they have detected extraterrestrial signals that could have been created by alien.

Even more, the astronomers suggested they found 234 cases of alien signals sent to our planet, widening the possibility that space creatures trying to contact us.

But not all the experts think the same way. Scientists from SETI Institute's Breakthrough Listen project criticized the claim and said this is too early to declare that extraterrestrial life has been contacted.

On the other hand, the duo declared that the signals couldn't be a mistake. Andrew Siemion, director of the SETI Research Centre, thinks that the astronomers have made a very bold claim. Thus, the opinion is divided and each side has its own arguments. 

But something similar took place in Russia a short time ago, a mysterious radio signal was picked up from the direction of a star similar to the sun.

It seems to have come from the vicinity of a star 95 light-years away in the constellation of Hercules. This was detected by a powerful telescope and increases exponentially the possibilities that it was sent by an alien. 

Experts stress that there is not enough evidence to claim that the signal is a message from aliens, and it is very possible that it was produced by a natural event or electrical interference. They believe that this is speculation and we have to wait more time to verify this. 

However, the researchers are calling for the permanent monitoring of star HD164595. It has the same size and very similar to our sun but it has a big difference: This star is a couple of billion years older than our sun. This means that any type of life that has existed there has had of far more years to develop.