According to recent report in Us Weekly, Angelina Jolie's close friends have been on a campaign to smear Brad Pitt's name and discredit him. Apparently, this was all in preparation for a divorce to come that Jolie has reportedly been planning for quite sometime.

The publication also adds that even though Pitt has been known for his ill tempered nature, Jolie had long been prepared to leave him and gain the physical custody of her six children - Maddox (15), Pax (12), Zahara (11), Shiloh (10) and twins, Vivienne and Knox (8).

Jolie was reportedly very unhappy in her marriage to Pitt and was always in an argument or fight with him over their children. Some reports also noted that the Hollywood's A-list couple had different parenting style where Pitt was a strict parent and Jolie a pampering mother.

Just recently, an incident came to surface that acted as a last straw for Jolie to cut chords with her husband of two years. Aboard their private jet, Pitt was accused to be "verbally abusive and physical with his children." A close friend of "Inglorious Basterds" actor confirmed that Pitt indeed lost his temper on the plane, but he was never abusive, as the reports claim him to be. However, for Jolie, this was an opportunity to gain a leverage for their children's custody battle.

According to a friend close to Jolie, the "Maleficent" actress has vowed to destroy her husband. She also adds that Jolie throws away anything that is broken, rather than mending it.

She also reportedly rented a five-bedroom home in Malibu to stay away from her husband and gradually sever her ties with him. Her divorce filing on September 19 was proof of her careful planning when she finally decided to send a notice to Pitt, citing "irreconcilable differences" as reason. The papers were filed just minutes before the court was closed so Pitt didn't even have a lawyer at that time.

Jolie has also blocked Pitt's number and left him a shattered man. He has been inconsolable since the divorce and is also reportedly speaking to his mother every other day on the phone.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Aniston's friend, Chelsea Handler, in a recent report, called Jolie a "f---ing lunatic." She also spoke about the rumors that Pitt smokes a lot of pot. She mocked that Pitt was drinking too much and smoking too much weed because he married a lunatic and lived in a house full of children who all spoke different languages.

This is not the first time that Handler took a dig at Jolie, she once also called her a home wrecker.

She explained that her opinion has nothing to do with Aniston. Handler said that Jolie is a bad girl and that she doesn't like her.

Handler said that she will not speak about Pitt-Jolie divorce on TV anymore. But the fans can follow her on Twitter, she teased.