Brad Pitt, fresh from his divorce from Angelina Jolie, won't be single for long. Both the fans and a group of critics are having that as a prediction since there are several ladies already who are dreaming to be his next potential girlfriend, whether he is ready for this or not.

According to one magazine, actress Kate Hudson is reportedly pushing her team to plan for an arrangement so she will already have the opportunity to meet Brad in person. This is the very reason why she is really pushing her agent to set up a meeting with Brad Pitt's representatives.

But thinking that Brad would be dating Kate Hudson is really absurd as per Celebrity Dirty Laundry. There is a little chance that Brad even knows her name as Kate did not fare well in his movies.

Furthermore, people think Kate is not in Brad's league as he is more likely to look for women who have both beauty and brains. Someone who is as accomplished as he is.

Another one is Britney Spears. Spears has been so vocal in disclosing her admiration on Angelina Jolie's soon to be ex-husband. She confessed that Brad is his childhood crush. Jennifer Garner likewise jokingly shared that he's dating Brad Pitt when the paparazzi asked her if she is seeing someone.

Considering that Brad Pitt has long been known as one of the sexiest stars in Hollywood, it is disbelieving that he will stay single for a long period of time. For sure, he doesn't want to commit the same mistakes he made with Angelina. With this, he is most likely to find women with real qualification rather than connections in Hollywood like his ex-wife, Angelina Jolie.

If one could think of it, Angelina Jolie would not be the celebrity humanitarian she has become today if not because of her fame. So, there is a chance that Brad Pitt will follow in his good friend George Clooney's footpaths and find a girlfriend who doesn't belong in the entertainment industry.

If this will be the case later for Brad Pitt, spending his time with a woman in a high-powered position, there is a guarantee that Angelina Jolie will easily have a meltdown because of jealousy.

Do you think Brad Pitt will find a girlfriend prior to the finality of his divorce to Angelina Jolie?