It looks like Brook Lopez and the Brooklyn Nets are parting ways this time. Over the past months, Lopez was always involved in trade rumors that swirling around the league.

The reason for this buzz is the sub-par performance the Nets has achieved the past few season. Just last season, they only manage to win 21 games out of 82 placing them at the 14th spot in the Eastern Conference just one position ahead of the last-place Philadelphia 76ers.

Earlier this month, reports have suggested that Lopez will be traded by the Nets to the Chicago Bulls to fill in Pau Gasol's position who just recently signed with the San Antonio Spurs. Until now, the supposed deal did not happen. But a new rumor re-emerges today regarding Lopez's status to the team.

According to Morning News USA, the Nets might decide to trade Lopez after being sidelined by recurring injuries for the past few season. Despite being a high valued player with a talented skill set, his salary didn't reflect what he is supposed to get.

With his two-year $43.8 million contracts, it could be enticing to other teams who want to get his services at a low-cost rate, as per stated in the report. In addition to that, there's no player in the Nets lineup who is safe in trade deals, giving a hint that Lopez will be likely be traded.

In separate report by iSportsTimes, it is most likely that Lopez will be heading to the Denver Nuggets as his new team. The proposed deal is saying that the Nuggets will welcome Lopez in exchange for Wilson Chandler and Kenneth Faried.

The addition of Lopez will add more depth to the Nuggets frontcourt and could be a good tandem for Nikola Jokic as per stated in the report. Lopez will be bringing in averages of 20.6 points, 7.8 rebounds, and 1.7 blocks per game last season which is relatively a boost to Nuggets offense and defense.

Will the Brooklyn Nets trade Lopez to the Nuggets? Stay updated with the latest NBA trade rumors here.