Apple's iPad air 3 is expected to be launched soon, and it is anticipated to be more powerful and efficient than its predecessor iPad 2. The announcement, which took place in the Apple's special event, has influenced the rumors that iPad Air 3 will be release this year.

All Apple fans need light weight and more stylish iPad. Their expectation is high from Apple. The tech giant will likely launch iPad air 3 during the Christmas period. Apple generally launches most of the hardware products in the month of September and October as it gives the company a substantial run-up to the Christmas season.

The 16 GB iPad Air 3 typically cost around $650 to $700, and the price of 32GB version can be over $750.

Trusted sources confirmed that iPad Air 3 will be around 6.1 mm thick, which is a lot thinner than the iPad Air 2.  It will make the look of iPad Air 3 more attractive as well.  It is also expected that iPAd Air3 will require a smaller battery package without compromising the performance of the gadget.

Another advantage, which is added to this device, is it is quite light weighted so any user won't face any sort of trouble while carrying it. 

It can be expected that Apple iPad3 will be able to make a good impact on the market and live up to the expectations. It is also expected that this gadget will help redefine the Apple's technology.

The features offered by this particular product also should be able to make it one of the hottest products during the Christmas time as well. So the iPad lover should definitely try out this particular Gadget to get the real life experience.