As the "K2" drama enter its second half from scheduled 16 episodes, love story began to bloom. From the rooftop, Anna and Je-Ha begin to fall in love.

Meanwhile, Anna's dad still has a safe career in politics as he has many cronies to help him. The political career of Anna's father is safe as Anna was unable say his name to the press in episode 8 of "The K2" drama. Afterward, she collapsed and Yoo-Jin rushed in to help her.

Following the incident, Anna roamed the rooftop of her house and Je-Ha watched over her. They later began to sit and and Anna shared her story of her alcoholic mother and her addiction to sleeping pills. Je-Ha listened carefully and Anna finally cried in his arm.

Je-Ha has already felt sympathy for Anna when he was assign to monitor her in the early episode of "The K2." He even became the first person who can make Anna to engage in a conversation. Watch how love story between Je-Ha and Anna will continue to develop in the second half of the drama.

On the other hand, Anna's father, Se-Joon has succesfully used her illegitimate daughter as a pawn in her presidential race, as SE Daily reported. The diversion of his corruption case to a Barcelona angel issue using Anna to divert press attention has been fruitful.

He even came to the prosecution office to attend his own investigation and his wife, Yoo-Jin prepared a document for the investigation purpose and wait for the prosecutors to come.

His political rival Park Gwan-Soo has failed to ruin Se-Joon's political career by bringing up the issue of corruption. However, toward the end of "The K2" episode 8, he found another loophole to bring down Se-Joon. He found out about the real identity of Je-Ha, who was a mercenary in Iraq in the Blackstone defense contractor.

Watch the beginning of the love story between Anna and Je-Ha in Episode 8 of "The K2" below: