As the "Nexen Heroes" defeated "Seoul LG Twins", 5-4, in its home stadium, viewers of "Moon Lover: Scarlet Heart Ryeo" must wait for one more day to see Episode 16.

The baseball game between two powerhouses is the first round of playoffs in the Korean Baseball League. In the fourth game of the best of five, the Nexen defeated the pride of Seoul, the LG Twins 5-4 in their home stadium, the Jamsil Stadium in Seoul, as reported by Yonhap News Agency. The Heroes won the game after trailing 4-0.

The game's first pitch began at 6:30 p.m., as reported by  Asia Today. Since Nexen Heroes gave a fierce fighting against its opponent, the game went longer than three hours.

As a result, "Moon Lover: Scarlet Heart Ryeo" Episode 16 has to be delayed, but the "8 O'clock News" and the traveling variety show "Flower Crew" continued to air after the game ended.

In order to remind us all, last week's Episode 15 gave a chilling conflict between the princes of Goryeo as 3rd prince Wang Yo ascended to the throne.

Wang Yo allegedly killed his brother Wang Mu, who was crowned as the second monarch of Goryeo with the title King Hyejong. Wang Yo put the blame on Hae Soo in order to subdue the strongest prince, 4th prince Wang So, who is in love with her to support him.

Meanwhile, 8th prince Wang Wook, who also had a crush on Hae Soo that is a cousin of his ex-wife, must swallow his pride to come to Wang So to start an alliance.

Prior to Wang Mu's assassination, Wang Wook openly declared his allegiance to Wang Mu.  Wang Yo, who ascended to the throne as the fourth King of Goryeo, titled King Jeongjong, certainly puts Wang Wook as his main target for assassination.

Watch the footage from "Moon Lover: Scarlet Heart Ryeo" Episode 15 on desperation of the 8th prince Wang Wook when he realize that Hae Soo has chosen his brother, 4th prince Wang So over him.

Wang Wook's struggle to overcome his broken heart to join force Wang So will become one of the highlight in the Episode 16.