GTA , also known as Grand Theft Auto  is the game with which every video game lover is familiar with, even if they haven't actually played the game. The GTA 6 has been announced but it is still waiting for the release. Rumours say that the developer Rockstar Games has decided to delay the development of the game and the players are not at happy about it.

GTA 6 will likely to have the VR (Virtual Reality) support and also the 4K Ultra HD capability. This is coming with the trend of new game consoles from Sony and Microsoft, as Companies have introduced the Virtual Reality for PlayStation Pro and Xbox Scorpio.

The introduction of VR technology is one of the best decisions on the developer's part even with the delay. Even if the game is released around 2018, it will definitely look like there are chances that the VR technology is going to be more refined and will be love by the gamers.

According to MasterHerald, the developers are going to need to give the amount of $500 million for developing of the game. While the amount might seem unnecessary. But it is definitely required as the Rockstar game is going to introduce VR support in the sixth installation of the game.

The present version of GTA i.e. GTA did cost around $250 million for its development. Now in GTA 5, the introduction of VR is key reason for increase rate of the GTA 6 development. The estimated revenue for the latest series is around $1 billion which is not bad at all when we compare to its cost.

Some speculations have revealed that the locations for GTA 6 season will be New York City and Miami while some rumours say that it can be London because the people who are involved in the development of the game are British. Also the voices of the lead male and female will be given by Real-life couple Ryan Gosling and Eve Mendez.