The coming year will see the Duggar family not just welcoming Jessa's second child but also Anna's fifth child. Speculations suggest that Anna Duggar is pregnant once again even after all the scandals that her husband, Josh Duggar was involved in. Additionally, Jessa Duggar makes a debut with her baby bump.

It was just a year back that Josh Duggar's Ashley Madison scandal was revealed and he was sent to a rehab for sex and porn addiction treatment. And, it was recently heard that Josh was getting back to normal life, one step at a time to mend his relationship with his family and his wife.

The theory of Anna's pregnancy was sparked by the recent Counting On episode that had an emotional Anna. She thanked Jana Duggar for being the shoulder to cry on at a time when she was distraught. Well, rumors suggest that it is the pregnancy hormone that is making her too much emotional, The Hollywood Gossip reports.

Moreover, the episode of Counting On also had Anna showing off a small baby bump, which further strengthens the theory that Anna and Josh Duggar are expecting their fifth child.

On the other side, in a recent Instagram post, Jessa (Duggar) Seewald also showed off her glowing self and growing baby bump, People reported.

In previous reports, it was stated that the couple may be having more than one baby, possibly twins or triplets, but it is yet to be confirmed by the couple. Moreover, it seems that the couple is expecting a baby boy as they have been considering names like Benjamin Michael. The couple is also open to family names.

Jessa and Ben Seewald have expressed their delight for the coming year as it is taking a good shape for them. The couple is expecting their second child after Spurgeon, who is already 11 months old. They also feel that their first born will take up the role of a big brother wonderfully.