Chris Brown, Rihanna's ex-boyfriend, has spoken up about her alleged split with Drake. He believes that they broke up because Drake is a boring mama's boy.

The 28-year-old-singer had, in fact, predicted their split and knew in advance that they would not last long, reports Mirror. A source close to Brown revealed that he did not mean any insult to Drake but he firmly believed that the Canadian rapper was not man enough for Rihanna.

Brown reportedly said that Drake is not edgy and when one peels back all his sweet BS lines and charm, one can see the real Drake- a boring mama's boy.

Brown is also said to be making attempts to rekindle his relationship with RiRi. He sent a joking text to her telling her that she could lay on his chest if she needed support and she replied with a "lol." According to the spokesperson of Brown, RiRi's response made Brown smile as she is always giving him attitude and he loves that about her.

On the other hand, Drake's ex-fling Crystal Westbrooks has also expressed her feelings about the separation of the couple and the new woman (India Love) in his life. She took to Twitter and said it is getting really awkward.

In the meantime, Rihanna has shared an interesting post on Instagram about her past relationships, reports People. On Sunday, she wrote that none of her exes are married or in happy relationships and so, it is safe to say that she was not the problem. She signed off with a "lol" and a trophy emoji. Though she did not take any names, it is being speculated that it was indicated at Chris Brown and Matt Kemp.

It is worth mentioning here that Rihanna and Drake have been in a secret relationship for months. They made it official only some time back when Drake announced how much he loved her at the MTV Video Music Awards in August. As for Brown, he was in an on-off relationship with RiRi from 2007-2009 and for a brief period in 2013. They broke up after she accused him of physical assault.