Strangely, UFO sightings have now brought in paranormal investigators deeper into the act. They are examining new claims that a robot-like object, as well as a bizarre UFO, were captured in images shot by a static camera at the same time.

These odd pictures were found on Monday, and then sent to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) for more analysis.

It was mailed to the site by an unnamed witness. He described the first metallic object to show the shape of a form very close to a human. It vanished by the time the next picture was captured exactly in the same minute.

The US-based MUFON, said to be the world's biggest organisation that is exploring UFO investigation said: "Attached are pictures taken on a Moultrie trail camera. The wind had been blowing and the camera took lots of pictures. I was deleting pictures when this human form caught my eye. This object is less than 200 ft from our house. We have nothing that would look like this thing on the back. I am sending two pictures taken in the same minute. The first shows it is there and the second shows it is gone. The human form is on the right side of picture by the wheelbarrow."

There are some horizontal lines on a flat surface, which make it look as if it is part of a bigger machine. An image of the area was taken after seven hours, showing a rocket-shaped UFO.

It could not be a bird - as it is too big. The point was clarified by the witness. He said: "Also attached is a picture of an item in the sky too big to be a bird and not the shape of anything I have ever seen in the sky. This object was taken about seven hours after the first one. It is here, again there, and then gone in about the same minute. The item in the sky is also to the right maybe 35 degrees it is a black object. I believe the camera is set at 12 mega pixels."

He clarifies that neither he nor his spouse saw the visual images, only the pictures. While some critics have dismissed the visuals as "birds" or "insects," MUFON is taking a look at the snaps and investigating them.