One disc-shaped UFO was captured by NASA cameras when it "entered the Earth's atmosphere." It showed an indentation in its rear.

The shot certainly seemed to spark off one battle - in the Web, at least, as the skeptics, as well as the enthusiasts, split hairs about what it could be.

UFO Sighting captured and uploaded it on YouTube, titled "New NASA uncut footage shows clear UFO"

The comments reflect the views of the public.

One commentator, John Michael Stock, wrote: "It could be anything - including extraterrestrial origins."

But Jan Cutler gave another cynical comment: "UFOs entering our airspace should be registered and required to pay for a permit or license and be regulated as to flight paths. "Given the multitude of 'sightings' on YouTube the money collected could resolve our national debt."

However, this is not the first time that UFO seekers are looking at NASA's ISS stream. Last July, there was an argument that NASA is shutting its live International Space Station feed when a UFO was spotted entering the atmosphere.

Early this month, the NASA changed it ISS coverage, which immediately triggered charges of NASA trying to "cover up" alien sightings. However, the announcement about the change to the Space Station Live feed did not seem to affect the live streaming.

An interesting and elaborate comment was made by Richard Lee in one of the videos that were uploaded: "If that was space junk, I would have expected it to be rotating or spinning.. Orbiting junk moving across the terminator into sun light is going to start spinning. Just from the pressure of sun light on it. In the early evening, you can see spinning space junk flashing reflections from the sun light as they tumble in orbit. If an object is in a very low orbit, the upper atmosphere is going to cause it to spin, unless it's made like a dart. Aerodynamically flared, maybe with a heavy nose. This object seemed to be stable. Meaning it was in a lower orbit and flew like a dart. Or it was a spacecraft, flying under control of technology that stabilize it's flight. Perhaps it was 'Passive Magnetic Stabilization'. A cheap way to stop spin. Whatever it was, I would like to see it in HD video."

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