TLC's "Counting On" featuring the popular Duggar family may not enjoy a long stint as the Duggar kids are looking to move out of the show. Not only this, they are also planning to write a book that would expose big family secrets.

The Duggar kids are sick of reality TV and do not want to continue any longer, reports Celeb Dirty Laundry. They do not want their parents to exploit them to fill the family coffers and have given an ultimatum to Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. They have told mom and dad that if they do not stop exploiting them, they might rebel and expose all the secrets of the family to the world.

This is why, Duggar's current show is in deep troubles, claims Life & Style magazine. According to the publication, the Josh Duggar scandal has brought troubles for the family and though things appear alright on the surface, they are not so in reality. The ratings of "Counting On" have gone down and the Duggar children are aware of this issue.

They know that the show is under threat and more so because advertisers have pulled off their ads from TLC's "Counting On." Recently, many big names made it clear that they do not want to support the show and pulled off their ads. Though TLC is continuing with the family drama and has not indicated any sign that the show would go off air, it seems like the curtains might come down anytime.

This is why, the kids are looking to make a graceful exit, claims The Hollywood Gossip. The only hitch is that they do not know how to survive without the spotlight and according to the news outlet, they are looking to write a book to make money. It is said that the Duggar children have many family secrets to write about and if they go ahead with the plan, the book would definitely grab eyeballs.

It may be mentioned here that after Josh Duggar was found to be involved in a molestation as well as cheating scandal, "19 Kids and Counting" was pulled off from television. However, the spin-off is still on air and may also have a third season.