Jill and Jessa Duggar's sister Jinger is gearing up to get married to Jeremy Vuolo. The couple has already started their wedding planning and recently Jinger was on a trip along with some of her sisters to choose the venue of the wedding and to make other plans for the wedding.

The madly in love couple, Jinger and Jeremy seems to be in a hurry to tie the tie and so are fans, who are waiting for the day to see the Duggar daughter get married.

Jinger is planning to break the traditions of getting married in Arkansas, their home state, which her sisters Jill and Jinger followed when they got married.  She may cross the state lines to tie the knot, reports Brides. However, the place is not decided yet as the bride-to-be and her groom is yet to find their dream wedding location. But, speculations are being made that Jinger and Jeremy will get married in Laredo, Texas, Jeremy's hometown.

Reportedly, in a recent Instagram post, Jinger posted a pic of her with her sister and she wrote that they were at a hotel for their wedding planning trip. This fueled the speculations that the wedding might not be held in Arkansas.

Notable, this is not the first time that the Duggars have been on a wedding planning trip. Jinger along with Jill, Jessa, Joy-Anna and possibly Jana went on a road trip, early this month, which is rumored to be another wedding planning trip that the Duggars went on.

According to previous reports, Jeremy has already found the perfect ring for Jinger, which simply redefines Jinger's personality and style. It must be said that it was with the help of Jessa, who revealed Jinger's likings and also Jim Bob Duggar and Ben Seewald who accompanied Jeremy on his engagement ring shopping trip.

In other reports, it is being said that the Jim Bob Duggar, as well as Jessa, are a little concerned about the pace in which Jinger and Jeremy are moving, The Hollywood Gossip reported. They have transitioned from courtship to wedding in a very short time span and the thought that Jinger will possibly move to Texas post wedding has the Duggar family head worried.

But, Jinger wants to move ahead in her pace and given the fast move from courtship to engagement, fans are speculating that Jinger and Jeremy will be married sometime very soon.